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Why We Choose To Accept Insurance, But Not All Insurances

Gilead accepts insurance for personal healthcare where it benefits you most. Gilead is a Medicare/Medicade approved healthcare facility. However, Gilead does not accept all insurances for one reason: we must uphold the quality of care our patients receive based on what is in their best interest. Not all of our healthcare services, therapies, or treatments are covered by insurance. Please contact us for a private consultation (517) 319-5818. Our professionals are best met through a personal appointment.

Our Promise

  • We promise to clearly disclose all known side effects of any treatment from Gilead physicians.
  • We promise to give you the choice of which type of medical help you want.
  • We promise to make our expectations of you clear because your health depends on it.
  • We promise to pray for your health and healing—this is essential to Gilead's holistic approach to care.