Live Well is designed to inform, inspire, and educate others to make wise choices that will lead to health and wholeness. 

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Live Well is the online blog of Gilead Healing Center and is designed to inform, inspire, and educate others to make wise choices that lead to health and wholeness.

Learn More about Detoxification

Detoxification, more commonly known as “detox” is a process of clearing toxins from the body.  Many of these toxins come from diet, medication, and environmental exposure. The toxins stimulate the formation of harmful free radicals, that scientists now believe cause premature aging, degeneration, chronic ailments and decay. 

Do you need to detox?  Check out the nine most common signs that indicate that you should do a body detox to restore and rejuvenate your health…

1. You feel lethargic
2. You can’t lose weight
3. You feel irritable
4. Your skin is breaking out
5. You are often constipated
6. You have puffy eyes
7. You are bloated
8. You are suffering from food addiction
9. You are suffering from multiple symptoms (like brain fog, digestive problems, fatigue, headaches and allergies.)

If you have many, or even all, of these symptoms, don’t be alarmed, it’s not uncommon.  There are a variety of ways to detox, one of them is a foot detox. See future blogs for more information regarding detoxification and some of the benefits. Contact Gilead for more information about a foot detox or with any questions. 517-319-5818

You can find out more information like this from Dr. Don Colbert’s booklet included in the 21 Day Detox kit, also at Gilead.

Beet and Carrot Smoothie

Enjoy a fantastic smoothie that will fulfill your hunger and boost your energy! Beets are an excellent source of folate and a very good source of manganese, potassium, and copper. They are also a good source of dietary fiber, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin C, iron, and vitamin B6.

Beet and Carrot Smoothie

Red beet (1 peeled & chopped)
Carrot (1 medium-sized peeled & coarsely chopped)
Sweet apple (1 coarsely chopped)
Ripe pear (1 coarsely chopped)
Fresh lemon juice (2 tablespoons)
Fresh ginger (2 teaspoons minced)

How to Prepare:
Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Your refreshing and healthy smoothie is ready!