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Welcome to Gilead

Gilead is a place for doctors, therapists, and ministers to connect with patients for the purpose of healing the whole person: spirit, soul, and body. As one of Michigan’s first leaders in the study of sound holistic health and healing Gilead is more than a doctors office—it is a healing center. People of faith join together around their common values to bring holistic healing to the entire person.

Empowered by the guiding principles of the Christian faith and proven practice Gilead looks to improve understanding of integrative holistic therapies and medicine. Faith—more than any other perspective—guides conversation at Gilead. What cannot be seen is pivotal to realizing advances that can.

Guidance and Support

By providing prayer and counseling, nutritional guidance, medical health, and spiritual healing, Gilead Healing Center is a place of another chance for hurting people. Gilead Healing Center is a non-profit holistic faith and healing center dedicated to healing and restoring the sick (Luke 9:2).

Though not a primary care facility, hurts are being healed, bodies restored and spirits renewed as prayer, professional holistic medicine, and biblical instruction is administered to the hurting, sick and informed. Gilead is open to the public, sees patients by appointment, accepts insurance, and has an in-house nutrition store.

Teaching and Training

The first stage focus of Gilead Healing Center is training people for good health. This is achieved through training sessions, seminars, conferences, and regularly scheduled teaching in primarily three areas:

  • God’s healing covenant and the value of faith.
  • Natural healing approaches through approved alternative therapies.
  • Restoration after a loss, grief, repentance from a life controlling problem (deliverance), stress, “burn-out”, sin, and other areas where a person may need to be restored to wholeness spiritually and/or emotionally.

Nutrition and Exercise

Dr. James Duke, Ph.D. and Dr. William Campbell Douglas, M.D. said that in one year 180,000 people died of FDA approved drugs due to ADR (Adverse Drug Reaction). Both suggest that whenever possible, a “kinder, gentler” approach should be administered through the use of herbal remedies and vitamin/mineral therapies. Dr. Julian Whittaker, M.D. has had amazing success by using natural remedies, diet, and exercise as a priority in treating his patients.

Integrative Care

Medical science is certainly a much-needed science. We have seen wonderful breakthroughs in the medical world that have brought the quality of life for many to new levels. Yet we must remember that 180,000 people a year are dying, not of disease or sickness but of adverse FDA approved drugs. Thus, we are opposed to the practice of over prescribing internal medications as a result of patient pressure and pharmaceutical company pressures. The price of health care rises by almost 25 percent a year. A large part of this is to pay for prescription drugs when quite often a more natural, less expensive, less invasive approach without side effects would be much more appropriate. This is why all medical people associated with Gilead Healing Center or employed by Mount Hope Ministries will have a “leaning” toward alternative or integrative approaches to healing as a front-line resort rather than prescribing drugs as a first option. Prayer and faith, however, will always be our first response to sickness and disease.